Eliminate FMLA Abuse

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) abuse has become a costly and disruptive problem for employers.

Actual Examples

  • A large Alabama manufacturing company lost 68,000 production hours in just one year because of FMLA abuse.
  • A software company experienced a significant loss of sales and technical support revenues because of FMLA abuse.
  • A major airline recorded substantial decreases in ticket sales during periods of high FMLA abuse.

Many employers believe that their hands are tied when it comes to dealing with FMLA abuse; however, nothing could be farther from the truth. Absentys’s consultants will show you how to use statistical absence data analysis, the FMLA regulations, and targeted Department of Labor opinions to significantly reduce FMLA abuse.

Absentys’s process includes three steps to eliminate FMLA abuse: Identification, Investigation and Intervention.

Identification: Absentys’s LeaveLink software can help you detect possible FMLA abuse through its statistical analysis of employees’ absence behavior.

Investigation: Absentys’s consultants can help you conduct a thorough investigation of suspect absence behavior to confirm whether it is actually FMLA abuse.

Intervention: Absentys’s consultants can teach you the skills required to correct unacceptable absence behavior.