Integrated FMLA, ADA & STD Solution

Absentys, LLC is proud to offer, in conjunction with its strategic partner FINEOS Corporation, a total solution for administering FMLA, ADA and short term disability. We provide this one of a kind solution utilizing our FMLA and ADA software applications integrated with FINEOS Corporation's disability claims software. This partnership brings together two companies who are leaders in their respective fields and provides the end user with a best in class FMLA, ADA and STD administration solution.

LeaveLink Enterprise is a web deployed software application that offers you advanced features that are essential to properly administering the Family and Medical Leave Act. These features consist of precise tracking, administration of federal and state leave law regulations, data coordination, comprehensive reporting and employee self-service capabilities. LeaveLink Enterprise helps employers comply with federal and state leave laws which minimize the risk of Department of Labor (DOL) investigations, employee lawsuits and manager's personal liability. LeaveLink Enterprise also helps employers reduce the time required to administer the FMLA by as much as 65%.

ADALink is a web deployed software application that helps employers comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act by guiding them through the complex ADA accommodation Process. This patent pending software helps to navigate the ADA interactive process, documents essential job functions, generates template letters, provides follow-up reminders and tracks receipt of key documents. It also maintains history and transcripts of interactions, records details about work modifications and outlines accommodation decisions. ADALink helps to ensure consistent management of the interactive process, improves compliance which minimizes the risk of EEOC investigations and employee lawsuits. It also provides a comprehensive record of all employee and other process-related interactions and it significantly reduces the administrative time required to properly administer the ADA accommodation process.

FINEOS Claims is a complete solution for managing disability claims. The web-based solution automates workflow and ensures more complete information for accurate decisions and timely STD payments. It streamlines and optimizes the claims intake process and aids claims handlers make the best decisions. FINEOS Claims also helps administrators make accurate and timely claims payments and manage for return to work. FINEOS Claims supports a faster, more proactive approach to claims handling by engaging key resources early and often. While minimizing a short-term disability claimant's potential to become a long-term disability case, FINEOS Claims can seamlessly integrate STD with LTD for individuals with both coverages.